Why use a map printing specialist?

“. . . most press operators don’t know about fitting drainage to contours.”

There is a special craft to producing maps, printing maps,and folding maps, different from any other sheetfed work, and at Williams & Heintz we are masters of this craft – we are a map printing specialist.

Williams & Heintz has been in the business of making and manufacturing maps for entrepreneurs, government agencies and map publishers since 1921. We have evolved from engraving topographic maps on copper plates, to production and printing of quality maps with an assortment of graphics and GIS software.

It requires specialized equipment to prep, print and fold multi-color, oversized sheets.We have that equipment. But it takes a lot more, too.

For us, registration marks and color bars are just the beginning. Today’s complex cartography, with multiple colors, overlays, and line traps require a skilled artisan with a good eye:  A map printing specialist to correctly balance the colors and adjust registration, to make the finished product as close to perfect as possible.

The truth is, even the best press operator in a general commercial print house doesn’t know about fitting drainage to contours. Most map publishers have either settled for less, or gone to a lot of trouble to train their printers.

Perhaps you’ve heard of us and assumed our prices would be too high. Not so! In today’s competitive world, we’ve found we need to offer our services, as a map printing specialist, at a market price.  We do this every day. We offer the highest quality, service and competitive pricing anywhere on the North American continent.

We embrace ecologically sustainable practices and care about the people in our community. If you would like to hear about the sustainable materials and methods used to produce your map, or if we can answer any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation or quote.