At Williams & Heintz, we can assist you with any aspect of map production and manufacturing, from the simplest 1-color map to the most complicated 12-color map, from 3″ x 5″ to 47 ¼ ” x 63″. Send us your digital files, or films and camera copy.

We welcome your difficult reproduction problems and complex technical maps as well as simpler jobs. All will get the same care and attention to detail that maps require, at a competitive price.

Map Production

We have the staff, software and equipment to handle all aspects of cartography and map production. Our large library of software titles can accomodate the processing and editing of any customer-provided final files.

We are also able to create new maps by utilizing files output from a GIS environment, integrating such data with accompanying text and graphics (photographs, logos, street indexes, tables, etc.) into a clean, publication-quality layout.

Map Paper

Every map requires a paper best suited for its intended use. We keep in stock a large variety of unique  papers  that are used specifically for the printing of maps and charts.   High Wet Strength paper, nautical chart paper and numerous synthetic waterproof stocks are available to differentiate your products from all the rest.

Map Printing

We are specialists at printing oversized sheets. Our equipment includes two 47 ¼ ” x 63″ presses which can print six colors in one pass.

Maps have unique challenges when it comes to color balance and registration. Our craftsmen have the most experience in the business of printing maps (our employees have been with us for 20 years on average). They know how to meet these challenges.

Map Folding

Have you ever had a map printed, but then the printer had trouble with the folding?  We can fold anything we can print. We can make 16 parallel accordion folds, up to 44 inched wide, on what may be the largest map folder in the world, uniquely configured for us!

Map folding is more than just getting the map to a finished size.  The sequence of folds have to be such that the end user can easily unfold and refold the map.  Williams & Heintz specializes in user friendly folding.

We also produce chart books and atlases, and have a close relationship with the largest trade bindery on the eastern seaboard, whose work we stand behind.